There is no question that nowadays change is a constant and this represents an opportunity to analyze our paradigms and redirect our path, always seeking for a greater value for the company and a brighter future for all.

This process must always be supported by the values ​​that define us as Prolec and as members of the Xignux Group. These values ​​have been and will always be the compass that guides our management, pursuing a better quality of life for all, always based on the four pillars that support our continuous growth: Customer-Oriented Attitude, Operational Excellence, Innovation and a Social Responsibility based in a solid humanistic culture.

Today, more than ever, we must look forward; the world is changing and so are we. We must renew, evolve, and exercise a responsible and committed leadership that provides not only excellence in our products and services, but also comprehensive solutions that positively impact all the communities where we operate.

We got all the resources to ensure our allies’ or business partners’ satisfaction. We have the experience, the ability, and the management tools to continue offering innovative solutions through a portfolio of products and services that always exceeds market expectations.

All of us at Prolec work day in and day out to innovate, to always be in the lead, and give the best. That is our commitment to our clients, the community, to Mexico and to all the countries where we operate.

We changed our image. We want to look different because we are different. Because we have a renewed purpose. We want to stay on the path of excellence, but aspiring to be, in the world we live in today, an important agent of change, offering solutions that will help us to have a positive transformation of energy in the future.

It is time to walk together as one Prolec. A Prolec committed to the well-being of its employees, to caring for the environment, and to developing the communities in which our activity has an impact.

A Prolec committed to innovating and having a responsible and ethical lifestyle that we put into practice on a daily basis. We are proud that our daily work has become a driving force, a source of work and movement for work and educational centers, hospitals, mobility and transport, communities, and millions of home.

And with the responsibility and pride of being Prolec, I invite you to always walk with us: Transforming together!